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Ahhh, Autumn... Here on the Oregon Coast the colors change from green and green... To green.

 It is the season to take out those hand made warmies and the time to begin some non-stop knitting.   

2009! Whew! I can't recall a recent time when home made holiday gifts made more sense.

 Me? Easy! Just about everyone on my list is truly happy to get a new felted purse or tote.

You? Hummm... A hint... Fall 2009: KnitKit patterns sold in over 700 local yarn shops.

There isn't anything much more fun than a trip to the local yarn shop. But, if your local shops do not carry KnitKit patterns I can send them directly to you ... Your local yarn shop is always the best place to get help selecting feltable yarns and tools. They also can provide hands-on guidance when some is needed.  By the way, in case I forgot to mention it, I love yarn shops.


Taking Control of Your Purse Strings

Finished size:  about 7-8” high and 5” in diameter

You? You will have some choices to make. 

Will your bag be solid or have dots? 

Do you prefer plied or felted purse strings?  

The photo shows a “color-dot” purse with plied cords.

I'm lucky to have a photo of The Purse to show you. Every time I made one of these someone saw it and took it home with them. The original purse shown in this photo is now in the car of a West Coast yarn rep making the rounds of the shops. NO! I don't have a sales rep, it's another case of a friend loving the bag and getting it... What are friends for?

Anyway, I now have a pattern for The Purse and it is available to order. 

This pattern is $5.00 plus postage. Order this pattern | Back to the Top

If you have been looking for just the right bag for crafting or to use as a carryall: 

Oregon Tote Big bright felted bags 

with enough room inside for two projects 

and cheery enough to chase off the Oregon fog... 

Moms like them for diaper bags, too. No one ever seems to knit just one!

click here for more details and examples 
This original pattern is $5.00 plus postage.
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  My Little Companion
   These purses are quick, chic projects. 
   Directions include some variations and a flower motif chart.
                      click here for more photos and design ideas
This pattern is available for $5.00 plus postage.
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My Constant Companion


It will always be at your side... 

I am never without mine...    

This is a felted knitbag design

 that's worthy of it's name... 

It has a place for everything and it's sure to be noticed... 

It will be your constant companion too...

click here for more details and ideas

Patterns are $5.00 plus postage.

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tote around

Inspired by Latin America's beautiful bags, tote around is a good example of form following function. 

It is easily knit from the bottom to the top, around the strap and back to the bag again 

Tote it around wherever you go.

click here for details

Patterns are $5.00 plus postage

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Mezza Luna
 Crescents knitted into a circle, Mezza Luna nestles comfortably against your body when it is worn.
It is deceptively easy to knit.
Mezza Luna measures 7 inches high at the center opening and 14 inches wide.
Everyone who sees this unique bag comments on it.
The price of this lunacy?  $5.00 plus postage.
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What's a PackySack? 
I'm so glad you asked!
The PackySack is a fun new backpack style.
It's knitted, then felted into a durable grab and go "companion". 
The pattern features this design in all three sizes shown above.
The PackySack above is the smallest size. It's shown with a child's hand puppet(y?) used as a flap.
Sorry kids, the puppet design is NOT included...
        $5 plus postage...
Finished sizes are about: (Small) 3x4½x7 / (Med.) 3½x7x9½ / (Lrg.) 3½x8½x11 inches
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                 A small felted pouch
    This AllAroundCompanion can be knitted plain or with a design.       
    A design chart for "Eve's Garden" is included, as are the directions for the optional cuff.
    Finished dimensions are about 4½ by 7 inches high.
    Click here for more variations and examples
                                   This pattern is available for $5.00 plus postage.   
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Simple Flattery
This classic, slim 11 x 15 inch purse is a quick knit, easily embellished and very flattering to wear. When finished, the soft felted fabric hides its almost indestructible construction and the tie off makes strap adjustment easy.
The pattern has directions for the basic bag and straps with extra tips and notes included to help you embellish your purse in your own way. "But that's not all" (Thanks Ron Popeil) I've also included directions for a smaller purse, made as a swatch, "A Little Flattery (goes a long way)".  In my mind, the two designs compliment each other so much that I've put them together in the Simple Flattery pattern.
Cost? $5.00 plus postage.
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The DAYBAG with it's wraparound strap is very sturdy. 
It is designed to give the bottom added support.  
You can carry heavier items and your DAYBAG will feel comfortable  
and keep its shape.
This bag is approximately 12 x 3 x 9 inches high.

Patterns are $5.00 plus postage

click here for photos and more details

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 a messenger bag with a message. This isn't just your Mother's Mercury.
 It's shape and construction are about as practical as it gets. It is easy to understand why messenger bags are showing up everywhere. 
Mercury is big enough for a laptop and it doesn't matter if it's a PC or a Mac.
Strong, durable and a roomy 14"W x 12"H x 3"D when fully felted. 
This racy number? ...Just $5.00 plus postage, of course.
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 taskets This is a tasket...

     It's a project bag with surprises to unfold.
    click here for more photos and details

                                     Patterns are $5.00 plus postage.

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Round About
Knitted from side to side and round about.
 This picture of Round About was hard to prepare for the web because every photo looks painted. Well, this beautiful felted fabric looks like it was dabbed with colors from an artist's pallet. 
Finished felted size is about 6½ x 10½ inches. Just right for a pocketbook.
This pattern is available for $5.00 plus postage
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...will get you everywhere!

This purse has its own rhythm.

 Flattery is knit as a tube with two alternating colors in a very easy stitch design to make this 9½ x 10" purse.
Use your favorite two color knitting style. For me, knitting with one yarn in each hand makes a very relaxing project.

Green with Envy? The pattern is only $5.00 plus postage

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My Neck's Best Thing

Get wrapped up in your knitting!

click on the photo for details

The pattern is only $5.00 plus postage

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Over The Top

click on the photo for a closer look

knit from top to bottom, a simple hat with style...

Life is all about style, isn't it?

this pattern is $3.00 plus postage

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The Perfect Bag

Perfect bag? Just about everyone makes a “perfect” bag from a KnitKit pattern. Why?

 The secret? Use feltable yarn. After the knitting is finished every bag is thoroughly felted by a simple washing then it is stretched onto a form to dry. The shape is always perfect! The perfect bag is washable and no lining is ever required!

Tricks? Easy… Check with your local yarn shop for the right materials. They stock popular feltable yarns and all the right tools. Local yarn shops have the experience to help even a new knitter make a perfect bag.

Yarn shop? Experienced knitters shouldn’t have any problem making and finishing a bag on their own. BUT… What could be more fun than a trip to the yarn shop?

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Thanks to you. Sold in over 700 local yarn shops

Treat yourself. Visit your local yarn shop, see what's new

  and support the folks dedicated to making such beautiful things available to us. 

Check with me for a shop in your zip code area.

If you don't have a local shop, I continue to offer patterns for my bags and accessories at www.knitkit.com


from the Oregon Coast,  


Cranberry harvest  
a time to gather in the red...
click here to see what happens every fall

Embellishments of Felted Bags

Accents using Needle Felting, Cut Felt and Cords 

 The Easy Way!

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