My Constant Companion

My most popular bag design, it will always be at your side.

 I'm never without mine...


This knitbag is one example of the pattern, 

My Constant Companion

I have carried a lot of projects in WineAndRoses...

It has been my knitbag for years.

15" x 8" x 12"

for a few more examples 

see the descriptions below

        Periwinkle Picnic                             

this bag was knit with worsted weight Lambs Pride yarn


                  Tea and Toast

this bag was chosen for Interweave Press' Knitter's Stash


                                My Montana

 this knitbag is made with a bulky Icelandic wool raised in Montana

My Constant Companion is a  felted knitbag that is very roomy.  It was designed with knitters in mind.

The pattern is written for a variety of yarn weights.

It can be knit with worsted weight yarn and felted into a soft sturdy fabric. Single bulky or 2 strands of a light worsted held together make a slightly larger very stout bag (see Tea and Toast). 

Swatch your materials! Swatches never go to waste. They are used as the accents and pockets for your bag.

My Constant Companion opens into a cavernous body that holds just about everything you can think of for your projects

It is light weight 20-24 ounces and repels the rain

It holds its shape well and  it is forgiving of a bulky load.

The pocket design and placement is up to the knitter

The size and shape of the pockets are tailored to the kind of knitting tools it will carry.

I like to make one  pocket that is large enough for a small notebook,

one small enough for a pair of scissors 

and one that is a bit narrow and long that I attach to a side panel.

This one holds a pen and the needles that I am using for my project.

The pockets are a great place to test your design and yarn properties before diving into your bag.

Swatch, swatch, swatch...

I am constantly surprised at how sturdy and versatile my bags have been. It is true, 

I DO always keep My Constant Companions by my side...

The Patterns are $5.00 each plus actual postage

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